Top 5 Samsung Mobiles To Be Buy-in 2020

The markets are flooded with a wide range of mobile phone of different companies along with different functions and models. Samsung is one of the most trusted and high-rank mobile dealer since 1938 while it announces mobile that can work with two sims that are dual sim mobiles in 1969. Samsung is one of the most renowned and prosperous South Korean base gadgets company that manufactures the best smartphones in the present era. The Samsung android mobiles are of the flagship feature along with the high-quality multiple cameras attached to the mobile structure. The Samsung device to have the clearest selfie camera to capture our memorable moments. Its high voltage battery with a long life makes it one of the most favourable smartphone. Samsung all new smartphones are coming with a dynamic display along with an ample amount of storage. The customers are giving positive feedback and comments for all the features including its good camera, high voltage battery life, unique display, fascinating design and structure, of the latest Samsung smartphones.

Leading Samsung Smartphones of 2020

The year 2020 comes with many ups and downs but the year also saw the launch of many latest features smartphones of some of the renowned companies. In 2020, Samsung launches its S series, A-series as well as M- series android mobiles of various ranges. All the series mobiles of Samsung saw millions of buyers but some of its smartphones are unique enough to consider them as the leading smartphones of the market. The topmost smartphones of Samsung that are launch in 2020 are as follows-

  1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus– this latest model of Samsung has some of the best features among all Samsung android mobiles. This S series dual sim mobile has AMOLED infinite O display and this S20 Samsung model comes with both 4G and 5G variants. It has 8 GB Ram along with a large 128 GB internal storage. It’s one of the most praising features is its high-quality Camera. It has a quad rear camera made with 12MP wide-angle, 64MP telephoto, 12MP ultra-wide rear and 10 MP Selfie camera. This high-quality latest model of S series Samsung mobile has sensors attached to the phone that is 3D ToF sensor. This gorgeous Samsung smartphone comes with many next generation features like it has wireless charging system with 25W of charging speed of 4500mAh battery.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – this extraordinary features mobile of Samsung is among the top smartphone in the market. It is high technologically operated android 10 version that runs at the 5G internet speed. It has some rare features including its unique structure, design, and dynamic display along with four high megapixels camera. It has 12 GB RAM and internal storage of 128GB. Although it is one of the most expensive smartphones in the market it presents the best picture clicking camera feature with 108 MP main camera with a telephoto lens of 48 MP, 12 MP rare camera, 40 MP Selfie camera, gives the most real image. It has a 6.9 inches screen display, with a 120 Hz refresh rate. It gives the most smooth touch screen with a long battery life of 12 hours and has a 5,000 mAh battery. It is a flagship device that is considered as the impressive model of a series of Samsung. Critics and audience reviews consider this high voltage mobile as the best model of Samsung S series smartphones that are launch in 2020.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S20– Among all the new Flagship models of Samsung, this Galaxy S20 is much cheaper in price but very high in its performance. This 5G smartphone has a very similar size of Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra model with 6.2 inches in height and is of android 10 version mobile. It has 12GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Its camera features are also fascinating with providing 10MP selfie camera along with 12MP, 64MP telephoto lens, and 12MP rear camera feature which clicks a very clear picture. It has 3 back and one front selfie camera features. Its camera allows 3x lossless zooming technology with 120Hz refresh rate that makes it match with other costly models of S series mobiles. This S series model gains a lot of applause and appreciation for its rare features as well as for providing highly latest functions at a reasonable price even some of its features match with many expensive mobiles of today’s time.
  4. Samsung Galaxy A31– If one wants to buy the high quality with latest features Samsung mobile but at an affordable rate than this A-series android phone is made for them. It has enormous features just like S series top mobile like it provides super AMOLED display with 6.5 sizes of the screen. Its infinite O display has fingerprint sensors also. This best A-series mobile provides 6GB RAM with 128GB internal storage. Its 4000mAh battery has a very long life along with fast charging speed. Another latest feature of Samsung A31 is its high-quality picture clicking camera. The mobile has 5 high megapixels quad camera 48 MP primary sensor, 8MP, ultra-wide, 5MP macro sensor and 5MP depth sensor of lens clicks a very beautiful real picture and its selfie camera of 20MP makes you a fan of this mobile. Its camera has many modes also like slow motion, hyperlaps and many more.
  5. Samsung Galaxy M31– one of the best mobiles of M-series is its M31 model as it has several features that are latest and fresh in the market. This 6.4 inches phone has the perfect camera, enough storage, dynamic display, and give a smooth scrolling experience. It has a 6000 mAh battery with 15W charging exclusive feature. It clicks one of the best pictures with its quality camera of 64MP primary sensor, 8 MP ultra-wide, 5MP of the micro shooter and 5MP depth lenses. Its Selfies camera of 32MP helps in capturing the best group Selfies. It comes in two variants, one is cheaper that has 6GB RAM, and 64GB internal storage while the expensive one has 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.

These are some of the leading Samsung smartphones of 2020. They are the best among all the mobiles that are launched in 2020 because they are best in their performance level along with smooth touch screen and many such dynamic features made these top 5 mobiles as the finest and the most popular ones. Samsung has gained a lot of love and fame of its customers for its high-quality smartphones. All these mobiles capture a lot of positive comments from the users as well as from the critics.

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