Top 15 Android Applications That You Definitely Try In 2020.

In today’s fast time of technology and advancement, the importance of our smartphones is increasing day by day. As smartphones are easy to carry and we can do almost everything from finding locations to money transfer, everything is just one click apart from us. As the mobiles are getting more and more progressive, companies also started creating some of the best applications with extensive features for our mini computers as smartphones are of no use without these modern android applications. An enormous number of android latest apps are flooding google stores and there are the latest applications for almost every purpose.

Android Application

Feature of the Android Applications

The google store presents a wide variety of apps for finding locations, clicking pictures and then for editing them, watching films, listening music, money transferring apps, checking security and virus apps, travelling apps, content writing apps, art and culture and entertaining apps, learning apps, fitness applications, and many more such innovative apps are creating and enjoying by an enormous number of people.

Every day and almost every week Android is evolving new applications to make our smartphones more productive, convenient and productive. The brand new android applications are coming with the latest features that serve various purposes. The android presents both paid and free apps but even if you are purchasing any of the android apps then it will upset you. There are a wide variety of apps that android launch and is vigorously used by the audience. Like health sync, google pay, Zomato, CamScanner, Google drive, Microsoft SwiftKey, Google assistant ad many more such exciting applications are ruling on the Google PlayStore.

Top Android applications of 2020

The Android applications are the need of the hour as without these latest apps our smartphones are useless and these modern applications are doing some of the most important works in our lives. Some of the top latest android applications that are worth using are listed below along with their incentive features.

  1. Google Drive: This android application will solve all the storage issues as it provides a 15 GB free storage after signing in the account in which you can save all your important data, files, documents and photos. Even more, storage can be bu. The unique feature of the google drive is that it is attached to various other Google apps that are Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Keep, Google Photos, Google slides, google calendar and this cloud storage app will help in your all official works.
  2. Google Assistant: this android assistant will solve all your questions and give the best answer to your all queries. Ask anything about films, news, current affairs, demography, critical science and maths question and your digital app assistant will give the best solutions to all problems.
  3. Google Find My Device– This android security application will help to locate your device when it is lost or robed. This application will prove to be the best with its unique feature of Geolocation and erasing which allows you to delete your phone’s data as well as to trace it when it is robbed.
  4. Google Pay– You can transfer your money from anywhere and with full comfort. Now no need to stand in a hot in long to pay your bills as this android app will help you to pay your bills and payments from your home only. It will allow the money transfer to our bank accounts without an IMPS charges.
  5. CamScanner– This smartphone’s scanning android app helps in scanning documents with several pages and helps in making pdfs and JPEGs. The CamScanner helps in reducing the size of the photo with smart cropping feature along with the air print and fax documents feature made it the best scanning app of all times.
  6. Hulu– This live TV and movies android app is one of the most entertaining applications that will make you’re watching online movies, web series, live shows, even old episodes of several shows can also be watched on this wonderful application.
  7. Google Translate– The Google translator is the latest technology android app that can translate about one hundred and three languages online and about fifty-nine languages offline. There is also a camera translation feature in this app which can translate about thirty-nine languages. The app is best for travellers and tourists guides.
  8. Spotify– This is the best android app for music lovers as it exposes you to the full universe of music. All the singers, films, Hollywood, Bollywood, romantic, classic, hip hop, and spiritual all types of songs are available on this app.
  9. Adobe Photoshop Express– This photo editing app will be the first choice for all photo maniacs as it will quickly edit photos, install a suitable filter and make innovative collages that will increase your social media reputation.
  10. Groupon– This shopping app will give you the best offers and sale coupons and gives you the best shopping opportunities of buying trending dresses, household gadgets, at very reasonable rates. It offers all the branded products with the company’s details.
  11. Airbnb– This android app will help to book rooms, hostel rooms, PGs, hotel rooms as well as it gives all the details about the vacant rooms of a particular location. This helps in travelling to book the room as well as also guides as about different locations.
  12. Google News– This best news and reporting app will give you the best start to your day. IT shows all the current news and live news coverage by some of the renowned reporters.
  13. Daily Yoga– Fitness is very essential and with the proper guidance it will make you healthy. The daily Yoga android app will give the yoga guidelines and training videos from the experts and helps to reduce weight, meditate, better sleep and giving peace to mind.
  14. Telegram– This messaging app is coming as an alternative to the Whatsapp with providing the best privacy terms for chatting with end to end encryption option. Telegram also provides the option for group chatting.
  15. Zomato– this android app help to order your favourite food from the nearby restaurants and you will get the delivery within a record period. It also books your seat in your favourite restaurant and provides you with the best discount options.

These are some of the best android applications that are ruling the digital platform and has millions of users from all over the world. These app are of the latest technology and fulfil all the requirements and gives you the fastest services at just one click.

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