Top 10 Scanning Apps For Android And IOS.

The all-new technology that is available all around us, is making our lives very easy and convenient. With the latest advancement in technology, our smartphones are becoming progressive with every passage of time. Our android mobiles are allowing exploring anything on just one click. That is the reason our smartphones are called as the mini-computers as they serve all the purposes and features that the computer functions. As earlier printing pages and files were possible only on PCs and computers but with the launch of many new applications with the modern technology that are created for androids, scanning apps from mobiles is not an impossible affair. We can scan any document irrespective of its size and number of pages, these latest applications are capable to scan any file from our android mobiles only. The Google PlayStore is flooded with an enormous number of Scanning Apps for Android and IOS users.

 Scanning App.

Best Scanning Apps for Android and IOS users

To scan a document now we don’t need a computer as now our mobiles are becoming smarter with the advancement in technology. As many Software developers are creating many scanning apps for android and IOS users. There is a wide range of modern scanning apps for our android mobile phones.

  1. Adobe Scan- this Android and IOS scanning app are one of the leading apps to scan documents in a large amount. It has enormous new features like it can convert the document into PDFs, it connect the device with any of the portable scanners to scan the documents, it also helps to edit the image like by increasing the sharpness and reducing the borders of the sheet, as well as it helps to get the deleted files by just one click option.
  2. ScanPro– this is one of the full-featured and leading scanning app for IOS and Android users. It produces high-quality scan documents and can produce even very large documents like books and even scan business cards, ID cards and images too. It also has the feature to produce OCR in about 60 different languages but with the costly model subscription. It also automatically upload the file to the cloud storage and provide an option of a smart filing provides an enormous function for better scanning of the document.
  3. Google Drive Scanner– it is a surprise for many Google drive users that they can also scan their documents through this app. The Google drive scanner provides various options like editing the image, make adjustments to the size, colour and quality of the image before scanning it. This scanner is very convenient for those who already installed the drive as there is no need to download the app and the documents too directly save on the drive.
  4. Office Lens- this Android scanner is the creation of Microsoft with many features like very quickly capture the document and then within just a few moments convert them into PDFs, word document or even in PowerPoint presentation. It also has the function of allowing the user to save the file on any storage app like Onedrive and One Note, Google drive. It does not contain any purchasing features as all functions are free and even do not contain any advertisements. It can document in different languages like Spanish and Chinese other than English.
  5. CamScanner– this Chinese scanning app was launched in 2011 with a lot of features for scanning as well as converting the document into PDFs and JPEG files. This folium technology originated app has cloud support with Drive, Box and for Dropbox. There are some purchasing features as well which can be bought at a very nominal price.
  6. Clear Scanner– one of the fastest scanning app of today’s times, the Clear Scanner presents its user’s many fascinating features. Along with the high scanning quality the clear Scanner to provide cloud support for many storage apps like OneDrive, Dropbox as well as for Google Drive. There is also an editing option to change the size, picture quality, reducing or increasing the size of the image as well as along with some organisational features.
  7. Documents Scanner– This scanning app provides a lot of options to make the scan document a good quality one. It has the feature to convert the document into PDFs along with OCR Support function. This is one of the most desirable and most-used apps among all the scanning apps.
  8. Abby FineScanner– This scanning app is made especially for android and IOS users with the multilingual feature. The Abby Fine Scanner is one of the most advanced scanning application with some exclusive features like it allow scanning for both printed and handwritten documents from the mobiles only. This allows the sharing of documents via email, cloud storage apps and to save the files as well.
  9. Genius Scan– this popular scanning app is gaining a lot of popularity because of its extensive features like it help in converting the document into PDFs and JPEG. It provides some security options as well to protect the file from getting a leak. It also allows support with some cloud storage apps to keep the document save as well as to directly share the file from these cloud apps.
  10. Scanbot– this is one of the easily operated and fast working scanning apps. The app allows the scanning of barcodes, cards like business cards, QR codes, receipts, as well as multiple documents as well. This app also has the feature to convert the file into PDFs and JPEGs. The app allows the support with cloud storage apps like Amazon Drive, One Drive, Google Drive, as well as for OneNote. This app will help to scan very clear and shadow-free documents.


These are some of the best scanning apps for android and IOS users of the present time These apps has the latest features to scan high-quality documents as well as also provide the option to convert the file into PDFs and JPEGs. The all-new options and functions scanning app allow the user to scan any document, image, cards, barcodes, QR Codes and many more from just at the one-click from our smart android phones. The modern scanning apps conveniently save our file to cloud storage apps as well as allows us to share it from these storage drives only. They provide the option for editing the image, by changing size, colour and increasing sharpness and removes shadows from the scan images. Thus, these scanning applications plays a very important role in making our mobiles smarter, convenient and feels like a world in our pockets.

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