Top 10 Mobile Phones Under Aud 369 To Buy In 2020

We cannot imagine a life without mobile phones. They have become one of the most important things to man in this century. And to think of going through this pandemic without them would be utterly unimaginable. The entirety of our lives concerning the outside world has been shifted to a virtual platform where mobile phones have become more important than ever.

We use this small device that has the world inside to track the pandemic like the weather, to attend school, to work from home, to order groceries, for entertainment and to have human connections at a time when we cannot meet anymore. So when you have a fixed budget yet the options seems endless then what should you do? Well worry not we have listed our top 10 mobile phones under AUD369 to buy in 2020.

Motorola One Fusion+

Our first preference within AUD369 is the Motorola One Fusion+. This is one of the only phones that offer a popping up front camera for the best selfies. It has an infinity screen devoid of any buttons and Qualcomm’s famous processor, Snapdragon 730G alongside 6 GB RAMS to support all your daily activities simultaneously with your gaming obsessions. The display makes it a worthy companion to stream your favourite series and movies at a 6.5 inch screen size. Powered with hand gestures and easy to reach button we feel it is worthy of every single penny spent on it.

Price: AUD323

Samsung Galaxy M31

The South Korean conglomerate brings to the Indian market a reliable phone with good technology at an affordable price. Galaxy M31 sports the traditional quad cameras of Samsung at 64 MP. What is really nice is the fact that they offer an Operating System of the Android 10 level at a much lower price than that of its competitors. It sports a 6.4 inch screen with a teardrop shaped front camera. Looking at this phone we dare even say Samsung plays it safe with the Samsung M31. It is available in two colours space black and ocean blue.

Price: AUD 305

Xiaomi Poco x2

Xiaomi Poco x2 offers an even bigger display than the previous two at 6.67 inches. The camera is similar to the Samsung M31’s but charges comparatively faster than the previous two. It offers the same processor as to the Motorola One Fusion+ with Snapdragon 730. It offers the best handset from Poco and probably sports one of the best one in the under AUD369 bracket. It offers one of the best pop up selfie dual camera at 20 MP + 2 MP. It is the fastest screen refreshing pone under the AUD369 category with a 120 Hz display. Xiaomi Poco X2 definitely packs a punch.

Price: AUD 323

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

Redmi from Xiaomi certainly hasn’t been the game changer in the market anymore. We expected a bolder and bad ass specs or design from Redmi this time around but we were fairly disappointed to see the safe play and elegance in the phone design. The specs are pretty much similar to other phones in regards to the 6 GB RAM and Quad processor camera at 64 MP+ others. The front camera does offer better resolution than most at 32 MP. The processor takes a hit at Snapdragon 720 as compared to other 730s. The best part about this phone is that its battery life exceeds almost all the others at 5,020 mAh.

Price: AUD 314

Realme XT

India got its first 64 MP camera sensors gimmick with Realme XT. The excitement arrives with the glass back equipped with Gorilla glass. It is certainly smaller than the Xiaomi phones but this just makes it more ergonomically viable. The display is at the top of the class with an AMOLED screen. The processor takes something of a beating at snapdragon 712 as compared to other phones in the segment. The camera is the highlight with letting you zoom more than 48 MP zoom and still offers the details. Overall it is a holistic package in the segment.

Price: AUD 314

Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro

Poco M2 Pro was ideated and thought of to compete with Redmi Note 9 Pro with similar design and specs but some areas bypass that of Redmi. Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro is sure to give you a surprise if you have never seen the latter which is precisely what the company has been aiming. The pricing varies on the storage. It offers dual shade variants in black, blue and green.  It offers a great battery life but does not beatXiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max at 5000 mAh. It comes with the operating system android 10.

Price: AUD 277

Realme 6 Pro

Realme is a company bringing to you world class technology, specs and design in the middle budget segment. They have been on a roll with launching phones after phones upping their game and making it tougher for other brands to keep up with it. It offers an only HD; 90 Hz display making it seamless change for the user. The back is a gradient finish with the design giving you a beautiful phone. The RAM is one of the quickest and well equipped to support your PUBG manifestations. It offers a powerful punch when it comes to cameras with rear camera a quad processor at 64 MP and the front a dual camera at 16 MP+ 8 MP. It is one of the most competitive phones in this range.

Price: AUD 332

Samsung Galaxy A50s

The South Korean brand brings anther one of the affordable phones but with enhanced technology and better design. The phone offers a seamless everyday experience but you will see the loopholes in the graphics while stifling through the applications. The phone supports your PUBG obsession to the t but anything with a higher resolution than that will lag and glitch. The chipset of the Samsung Galaxy A50s prevents battery drain when you are busy playing games or streaming movies, giving it a good battery life. It offers a dark mode and an AMOLED screen display. All in all, this phone is worth being in the top 10.

Price: AUD 343

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

The Chinese conglomerate brings to you another one of its innovations in the form of Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro. Like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max this phone also sports a gorilla glass back, 6 GB RAM and 60 Hz screen refresh rate with the size of 6.67 inches. The magic happens with a finger print sensor mounted on the side frame of the phone. It covers up to the battery run at 5,020 mAh. It supports a panoramic camera and an Indian navigation system to make it specifically lucrative for the Indian market.

Price: AUD 259

Vivo Z1 X

Vivo Z1 X is by far the best optimized phone in this segment of the market. This is only possible due to the Funtouch OS 9. The phone comes with a 6 GB RM and Qualcomm 712 AI processor making it one of the fastest phones in this segment to handle both your multi-tasking as well as gaming obsessions. The battery life is enough to last throughout the day and comes with a fast charger. This phone is definitely made for the Gen Z.

Price: AUD 314

These are our best phones under the AUD369 bracket, do let us know in the comments as to what do you think?

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