Top 10 IOS Applications To Use In 2020

If someone were to travel from the past to the year 2020 and go back; wen people would ask them what the most important thing in 2020 was; they will probably say there is this device called mobile phones, which seems to be the most important thing. Now, there is definitely truth to some of this, phones and tablets were an essential part of our lives before, but ever since the pandemic started our whole lives have been shifted to a virtual platform where mobile phones have become more important than ever.

Applications are where we spend most of our times when on phones, from checking the weather, to attending online classes, to pandemic trackers, to order essentials, for entertainment and most importantly to have human connections at a time when we cannot meet anymore.

Apple has always been at the top of its game when it comes to providing a seamless, safe and extraordinary experience to its users. If you own an Apple device then you are familiar with the app store and the million possibilities it provides.  Navigating through the app Store can be a little intimidating considering the million options, hence for your benefit we have put together a list of apps that provide maximum innovation, experience and satisfaction. We tell you which apps are worth paying for and which aren’t worth even when free.


Snapseed is a coming of age photo editing app, developed by Nik Software which is now owned by Google LLC. Snapseed is one stop app for not only the beginners who like fast filters but also for the professionals who like to play around with the editing skills. You must wonder why you would require another app, when iOS offers basic photo editing software. Well photo app lets you play around only a bit and the filters are so limited, Snapseed has everything that photo app does and more. We all use instagram filters but sometimes they are just not enough and look artificial. Snapseed offers an extensive library of filters to choose from that not only pop your pictures but also keeps it looking natural. It also offers adjustments like exposure, highlights, saturation level and more. Snapseed is an app that provides versatility to professionals as well as amateurs.

Price: Free


Times are tough and depressing; maintaining human connections and making new ones have never been more difficult or as well as important. At a time when the world comes together in solidarity, we look for new connections and people to look forward to, to see us through this pandemic. Bumble is an app that is above and beyond the usual dating apps; here you can find connections, friendships as well as prospective business partners. Here matches are valid for 24 hours and women have the power of making the first move, this not only quickens the process but also is a great for cultivating a new culture. In-built app questions help you find what you are looking for and provides a holistic and comprehensive experience where you can make real connections.

Price: Free

NYT Cooking

NYT cooking is an app from New York Times, who would have thought right? Well with news New York Times also brings us a fun way to try new recipes, keep a track of our diets as well as explore new cuisines. We have always been in a position where we are confused as to what to make for lunch or dinner; this app lets you search recipes according to meal type, prep time, ingredients, cuisine and more. For those turning vegan or vegetarian they have innovative recipes to keep you on track, what is more is that you can also get recipes that are specific diet friendly. You can save recipes for later on profile and access them from different devices too.

Price: Free+ in app purchases


For the readers who also are big game fanatics, we bring to you the Xbox app. If you own a Xbox and play games online with your friends, this app is perfect for you. This app lets you control your Xbox from your mobile phone or tablet. You can use the app to control media as well as use it to perform some tasks like typing which is difficult using a controller. This app serves like a social media to keep a track of your friend’s gaming activity and see what they are up to.

Price: Free


Instagram was always fun and now even though it is owned by Facebook; it remains the best social media platform. Upload pictures, follow people, celebrities, movements and more. Instagram has become a platform of change with people speaking out against injustice and hashtags trending in favour for the truth. Even if you aren’t a fan of uploading your pictures use it to connect with people through direct messages and video chats. Tag each other in posts; now that Tiktok is banned in India, Instagram launched reels, the perfect platform to see funny clips and hacks.

Price: Free


With us being confined to our homes, it has been a massive change to adjust to and with this comes the issues of mental health. Now that we are finally accepting the concept of mental health, Moodistory is an app that can actually help us to a better lifestyle. It doesn’t annoy you, all you have to do is put in how you feel on a day, after sometime it will collect enough data to decipher what days you feel best and when you don’t; this helps you make lifestyle changes for a better mental health. Moodistory is a paid app but worth every penny that you pay.

Price: AUD 6.91


Spotify is proving to be the game changer in music apps. It has created a whole new way in which we listen to music. You can create playlists, listen to albums from not only renowned artists but also people who have just started to make music, discover your tastes and listen to podcasts. You can even download and go ad-free if you buy premium. There are different packs to suit every person from plans ranging for a day to a year.

Price: Free


Keeping up with the world while stifling through reliable sources can prove to be tiring, we have an app that collects and lists news from different credible sources to keep you in loop. Curio offers you news from around the world according to your interests. You have a limit as to how much you can save and listen to but buy premium for $8/p.m. and get it limitation free.

Price: Free


Do we even need to give an introduction to Amazon; in this pandemic nothing has been more useful than Amazon. Get all your needs delivered safely to your doorstep. Amazon in This pandemic has changed the way we shop for electronics, groceries and everything else. You can access Alexa and scan products too.

Price: Free


What better way to come out of lockdown than to be smarter from what you were. Ted is designed to irk your curiosity, challenge your ideas and thinking capabilities and widen your horizon of possibilities. Listen to people across the world talk about everything under the sun with credible research and qualifications. Change the way you see the world.

Price: Free

These were our Top 10 apps to try on iOS in 2020, let us know how you like them and if we missed any amazing ones.

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