Top 10 Android Games that went viral in 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

We all miss the times when we used to hop on our bikes, with a gusher’s bottle in hand and cycle to our friends place to play Mario Kart. The gamer child mourns those simple and easy afternoons, fast forward into 2020; here we face actual monsters like COVID 19. Now that we can’t go out and play neither do all of us have an Xbox or PlayStation but what we do have is a mobile phone. A mobile phone has proven to be the solution to all our problems; in this article we bring you Android games that have gone viral in this hell of a year.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Android has always been accessible and affordable, to play these games all you need is a smartphone that has Android. We list games that are paid but worth every penny along with the free ones; but we also steer clear of the ones not worth free.

Call of Duty mobile

Call of Duty is a classic and remains top on our lists owing to the fact if you were to buy it for Xbox or PlayStation you will make a dent of AUD 82.96 in your bank account but Call of Duty mobile is absolutely free. COD mobile offers the best shooter space interface by Tencent Games who also owns PUBG. This remains a favourite even though it launched in 2019; it continues to improve and increase the fan base. The newest addition to this game is a 20 v 20 shooter space called warfare. With the best of graphics and the familiarity from the Xbox versions is perfectly incorporated in the mobile version. COD mobile offers the original death match play mode to but has continued to evolve in a year and also offers in app purchases.

Price: Free

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Almost every one of us has heard animal village only a thousand times now. For people who love life stimulating games, this one is the best one yet. It is the fifth instalment in the Animal Crossing series. This game has shown to affect humans during these bad times, it has actually helped a lot of people cope, putting a new meaning to the theory that video games can save the world. The adorable animal characters and completing simple chores have proven to bring a smile to those who play. The game that teaches kindness and gratitude is the only you’ll need to get through this.

Price: Free

Chameleon Run

For those of you who appreciate the simplicity and endless fun of games like subway surfers and temple run; Chameleon Run is the best for you. Although the game had been released in 2016, it has been gaming momentum recently with half of the word confined to their homes. It seems pretty easy to change colours, run and jump through obstacles right? But this game challenges your speed and how fast you can process information and take action. The game is absolute thrill along with the couple of lucrative tricks.

Price: AUD 2.77 on Android

Legends of Runterra

Riot games launched Legends of Runterra in January this year. It is the most accessible card collecting game available to this generation. A legend of Runterra is now the epitome of card collectible games and has dethroned any other du to it’s easy to learn, the game is so seamless even for a beginner. The game oozes personality and layers for what Riot is famous for, it doesn’t make meaningless violent games but rather it makes character strong, intriguing storylines and tactical games. What works for Legends of Runterra is the ease of access, it doesn’t require any complex technology, you can play it from your android phone.

Price: Free

Stranger Things 3: The game

For the fans of this series we don’t have to say anything, but those of you not yet initiated into the fandom I have a few words. Stranger things3: the game is an action and adventure packed game, it was released in 2019 but has been gaining popularity recently due to its 16-bit art style along with the series. For fans of Super Mario this is the game, you have to thread to series of obstacles based on the series but what’s more is that’s not all, you will have to complete a series of errands alongside and that makes it interesting. Solve puzzles, collect gnomes and eggos and go on adventures like the stranger things characters.

Price: Free

Battlelands Royale

Though it was first released in 2018 the game is still one of the most popular ones. For those of you who love pure carnage and might have been assigned a few anger management classes then this game is for you. A simple to learn and quick to finish game, it comprises of battles a few minutes long packed with action and bloodshed. You can either play solo or with other players all you have to do is land your chute, loot and shoot to survive.

Price: Free

Stardew Valley

For those of you who love Role playing games and miss the aesthetic of vintage video games, then Stardew valley is the best game available in 2020. The storyline follows a character who has just inherited a farm and from thereon you build it up. Why does this game make our list and not Farmville? That is because this game lets you create your own story and the way it unravels. It depends on you whether you want to build houses, meet other villagers, develop fishing skills and more or just simply harvest. You can go violent too with this game.

Price: AUD 11.06 (no in app purchases)

Asphalt 9 legends

Let’s face it all of us probably grew up playing asphalt on the earlier mobile phones. Who does not enjoy a simple game of racing? If you do kudos to you and if you don’t well Asphalt 9 legends offer much more than just racing. The game is fairly focused on racing but offers a lot of variety to keep things interesting. It is a worthy contender in the long running series.

Price: Free

eFootball PES 2020

We all missed the football season and couldn’t be happier at its return. To make up for the lost football time Konami is back with PES 2020. The game is the best in the league of football games with you able to compete against strangers as well as friends. This version of PES comes with enhanced controls and dribbles alongside the power to influence your teammate’s moves too.

Price: Free

Pokémon Go

Though Pokémon go first released in 2016, the community is stronger than ever. It is the best augmented reality game you will find at the play store. They have added a new P v P battling mode where you can battle it out against other players. Though other players try to cash in on this game, it looks more authentic as ever.

Price: Free

This was our list of Top 10 Android Games that went viral in 2020 to keep us company and busy through this pandemic. Let us know how you like these.

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