Reviews Of The Upcoming Flagship Oneplus Nord

In 2020 many advance technology smartphones are coming and flooding the markets of android mobiles. Many mobiles are launching with the flagship technology that means that the smartphone has some of the recognisable features as that of the apple and it comes at a reasonable price. The OnePlus is launching a flag OnePlus Nord in the coming time. The OnePlus has earlier launch some of the android phones that does not make the audience much happy. The all-new OnePlus Nord is just about to launch with its exciting brand new features. The OnePlus Nord is also coming with the killing Flagship technology and with more latest and advanced developments this smartphone will change the way people think of the OnePlus smartphones. Its unique and new features and high technology operated mobile phone will give the best experience of using the android mobiles. Many experts and technicians are working and are claiming that the OnePlus Nord can become one of the leading smartphones of the market and will attract a lot of publicity and love from the public when it will launch.

Flagship Oneplus Nord


Comparison of the OnePlus Nord with other OnePlus smartphones

The OnePlus Nord has some of the similar features as that of the OnePLus One and OnePlus 3 but with some of progress and advancement as well as at reasonable price the OnePLus is just about to leave the older versions of the OnePlus mobiles much far away. Although its features are somewhat same to another OnePlus mobile even it has similar functions as that of the OnePlus 8 which is one of the most luxurious and costly smartphones of the OnePlus brand. Both OnePlus 8 and OnePlus Nord has pretty same features but both have the price difference of about seventeenth thousands as OnePlus Nord is must cheaper than the OnePlus 8 with the much alike features. The OnePlus Nord has best camera features with the much better front camera than the OnePlus 8. Although there is a big difference in the storage of OnePlus 8 with 128GB and OnePlus Nord with 64 GB, many gadgets and android experts are hoping that the OnePlus Nord will gain much more success and popularity than the other OnePlus smartphones.


Features of the OnePLus Nord

The OnePlus Nord is expected to be launched at the midnight of 5th August 2020 with the latest technology features that make it different from other OnePlus smartphones versions. The brand new smartphone of OnePlus brand uses Android v10 (Q) system to start operating. With a weight of 184 grams, it comes with the display of fluid AMOLED. It comes with the 6 GB Ram and 64 internal storage. The OnePlus Nord has a good height of 158.3mm and a width of 73.3 mm with a very little thickness of 8.2mm that makes it desirable mobile for many buyers. Its screen size is 6.44” and is fully covered with the Gorilla Glass covering both front and backside of the mobile. The OnePlus Nord will be available in Blue Marble and Grey Onyx colour. Its camera is quad with camera 48MP, 8MP, 5MP, 2MP Primary and give the chance to click the high-quality pictures with a lifelike feature. Its battery life is very long and its battery is 4115 mAh with 30W fast charging feature. It has a capacitive touchscreen with a multi-touchscreen feature.


Along with these highly techy features, the OnePlus Nord also has the fingerprint sensor, alert slide, dual SIM feature, motor of linear vibration, single bottom-firing speaker, ACC codecs, along with support for aptX feature. The software of the OnePlus Nord is the easiest and consistent that does not get messy with the structure and the design of this android phone. The OnePlus Nord comes with a unique feature of Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 SOC that holds the wonderful working of the device’s system. But with all these positive pleasant features the OnePlus Nord has some of the substandard qualities as well. As like all other OnePlus smartphones, this latest mobile to do not provide the feature of the microSD card slot. There is no headphone jack and the one has to depend on the port for charging and listening to music. But even with these compact features, the OnePlus Nord is a much-awaited smartphone and will prove to be the best android mobile phone of 2020 because of its exciting and wonderful functions and latest features.


Reviews of the OnePlus Nord

The OnePlus Nord will come with many new features and is about to become one of the leading smartphones of 2020. Just before its launch, it is essential to compel all the progressive advance features along with its loopholes. The OnePlus Nord is considered as the killing flagship android phone with some of the features very similar to the best Apple brand. This android mobile phone of OnePlus brand although has similar functions as that of the earlier versions but it some of its unique features made it like just like the luxurious OnePlus 8 which is much costlier than the Nord version of the OnePlus. As it provides almost similar functions as that of the expensive OnePlus 8 at a very reasonable price of about twenty-four thousand in India as well as the OnePlus Nord is cheaper than other OnePlus models. It has high storage RAM along with the huge internal storage. A 32 MP front camera along with very latest back came but the camera of the OnePlus ids criticised for its microlens instead of the usage of telephoto. The gorilla glass covers the whole mobile and gives a protective guard to the mobile. But the OnePlus Nord do not have the microSD slot card and headphone jack features which is one of the compact features of this latest mobile.


The OnePlus Nord gives the best performance with uninterrupted and flawless experience of using the smartphone. Its software of the OnePlus Nord is very diligent that gives the most consistent work. Its display of fluid AMOLED will be made it rare among all models of OnePlus smartphones. Its slim and diligent structure and exclusive design give the best of the experience of using the smartphones of the present generation. The OnePlus Nord will soon create a new mindset of the audience towards the OnePlus smartphones as it will present the much better features than all other android mobiles that the OnePlus band had launched. Its exciting features along with the much better internal as well as outside performance is brilliant and the OnePlus users are eagerly waiting for the launch of this latest technology smartphone.

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