9 Best Alternative Apps like TikTok for Sharing Videos in 2020

On June 29th, the Government of India banned the Chinese video-sharing app-TikTok. USA has also imposed a ban on this video-sharing app. Many other countries like Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan are believed to be making decisions about banning TikTok.  ByteDance(TikTok owners) created Douyin for the Chinese market and TikTok for the outside China market. TikTok has around 700 million users all over the world. The widespread popularity that TikTok has gained in 4 years has scared many Governments, eventually leading them to believe that the Chinese app-TikTok is sharing the private data of users to the Chinese Government.

Why does TikTok have such a huge fanbase?

  • Tiktok allowed users to create, edit, add filters and share short music videos. The app also has provisions to add background voices on top of the created videos. Short lip-syncing videos on popular songs enhanced with great filters were a big attraction for many.
  • The best feature that TikTok had was its reaction section on the app. Users all over the world could follow, like, react to the videos put up by Tik Tok creators
  • Sharing the content on other social media applications helped TikTok content creators to get more attention across the globe. A lot of people started choosing TikTok content creation as their profession.
  • Merging Musical.ly with TikTok proved to be one of the best decisions that ByteDance took. Musical.ly had a big fanbase already. Merging the apps merged the app users too on one single platform- TikTok
  • The great networking and marketing strategy to promote the app worldwide

The need for a substitute video-sharing app is on the rise. Many small and big companies are launching their video sharing applications to garner the attention TikTok received all these years. Let us look at a few TikTok competitors in the game currently.


Rated for 12+                                                                                                                                                                                          Ratings on Android  and iOS- 4.2; 100 M+ downloads on android

The German app, Dubsmash created quite a stir in 2014. At one point in time, it had managed to have around 50 million downloads. The app allows user to lipsync videos and creates content which can be shared on different platforms. The app also has features to add stickers and texts to the created video. The feed is divided into two parts. You can see your friend’s creation on one side and view the latest trends on the other. However, Dubsmash did not receive the kind of popularity is deserved due to its poor Digital Marketing. A lot of content creators chose TikTok over Dubsmash just because of TikTok’s wide popularity network. If Dubsmash manages to invest in marketing, in no time DUbsmash can gain its place back in the market

Instagram Reels

Rated for 12+                                                                                                                                                                                          Ratings on Android  -4.4; on iOS-4.7; 1B+ downloads on android

This new Instagram feature has been made recently available to some new markets including India. Users can create short videos with the Reel option. Unlike stories that disappear in 24 hours, these videos will stay in the user profile,.The reels provide the same features like filters and editing options. Also, reels can be shared with the whole Instagram community, unlike other Instagram profile pictures or videos.


Rated for 12+                                                                                                                                                                                          Ratings on Android  -4.6; on iOS-4.7; 5B+ downloads on android

Until late, youtube did not support short video creation. Many short videos could be compiled and uploaded on youtube. Youtube has a lot of compilations videos from Tiktok and other video sharing platforms. However, in an attempt to compete with TikTok, youtube has also launched its Youtube shorts feature very recently. Youtube shorts is in its beta stage and is available to very few markets like India. It helps users upload videos around 15 seconds long. Currently available to customers in India for Android, it is expected to be launched on iOS and spread worldwide shortly.


Rated for 12+                                                                                                                                                                                          Ratings on Android  -4.2 ; on iOS-3.1; 5B+ downloads on android

The original video creation and upload platform. Because of its large online community and varying age groups using it, Facebook videos can be viral in a very short time. Facebook has a completely different section where you can browse through videos. A video content creator can create their page to share their content instead of doing it on their profiles itself. FB supports both short and live videos.


Rated for 3+                                                                                                                                                                                          Ratings on Android  and iOS- 4.8; 10k+ downloads on android

Doobido is the new India made a video sharing app available in the market. Other platforms require you to have millions of followers for your videos to be on the trending list. The best feature of this app is that your video can get viral in a couple of hours based on the quality of your video and content. For easy surfing, the app categorized its content into different genres. UI is enhanced for fast uploads and downloads. High-quality videos are shared daily for users to enjoy and share content with their friends.


Rated for 12+                                                                                                                                                                                          Ratings on Android  -3.4 and iOS- 3.9; 10M+ downloads on android

Triller is mostly a music video app. The user can select a song from the app’s library or import one from their device. On Triller, they can film the song. The app also provides users the feature to import a video from their library. Triller being an AI-based music app, the takes will be integrated into a single video of professional quality. This video can be shared with followers and friends on Triller. Sharing the video on social media platforms outside Triller is also an attractive feature.


Rated for 12+                                                                                                                                                                                          Ratings on Android  -4.1 and iOS- 3.7; 10M+ downloads on android

Chingari was the made in India Tik Tok rival. The ban on TikTok works in their favor. First launched in 2018, it managed to get over 2.5 million downloads in the month following the TikTok ban. Their key feature includes to be the first company that paid a lot of attention to the camera. They boast that their camera has a better quality compared to other cameras. Moreover, the editing options and filters they provide are also unique. The company aims to introduce India specific features like AR filters where people can be portrayed dancing on the Delhi metro or in the Mumbai rains. The platform also has a personalized recommendation feature were one you log in, you will be recommended videos based on your tastes. Chingari also plans to moderate the kind of content being published on its platform, unlike TikTok that allowed infuriating and socially inappropriate content.


Rated for 12+                                                                                                                                                                                          Ratings on Android  -4.4; 10M+ downloads on android

Another rival of TikTok, Funimate is more equipped for small kids and a younger population. Funimate helps users create fun and looping videos, edit their videos, or  live stream


Rated for 12+                                                                                                                                                                                          Ratings on Android  -3.4; on iOS-3.6; 1M+ downloads on android

Byte is made by one of the co-creators of the older outdated app- Vine. The application has its community and provides provisions to browse content categorically. You can edit, create, and share looping content. You can also create your 6 second content with their built-in camera. The provisions to import videos from your device into the app are also supported. The feed displays content from a user’s follow list and also new content.

If you notice, Tiktok did not provide anything very different from the app features we see above. The major reason why TikTok gained all this popularity was because of its networking and worldwide marketing strategies. However, the Indian government and many governments across the world have raised concerns about the security of videos and data shared on TikTok. India has launched many Made in India TikTok replacement apps to lure the Indian market. Famous apps like Instagram and Youtube has also started its efforts to replace TikTok in the Indian market. Its only time will tell us which of these above applications turn out to be the game-changer in the competitive market of video-sharing apps.

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